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“You’re Probably Wrong About Millennials” or ” Are we?” The blog evaluates the ”likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of the Y-generation and appears to invite a global conversation around the need to understand and accept our young workforce / apprentices, especially keeping … Continue reading

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Toying with the idea of ‘grit’- responding to Dr. Rose’s blog

I have been toying with some of the positive psychology concepts (part of my search for concepts that are worth explaining ‘what keeps us going despite adversities and brings out the best we can, at that point of time and … Continue reading

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In pursuit of personal happiness…

Simple suggestions to improve personal happiness is often embedded in the word ‘balance’, which means to continue to adhere to diligent and fulfilling ‘work’, ‘parenting’ or/and ‘caring for disabled’/ ‘elderly parent’ (which individually, despite expected sources of satisfaction, can be … Continue reading

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Unhappiness: Recognizing the perils of using work as an alibi

It is very common to find that even though unhappiness or stress at work or overworking (either as an escape or as pursuing success) may invariably contribute to disappointment in one’s private life (referred to as a work to life … Continue reading

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‘Understanding Employee Wellbeing Practices in Australian Organizations’ A ‘snapshot’ from a 2011 survey, to gauge the awareness of HR managers and the perceived benefits reaped from some existing ‘wellbeing programs’ in organizations…

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Grit: the Key for long-term Success?

Grit: the Key for long-term Success?. When intelligence is not enough…grit will help you moving gradually and slowly toward your destination!

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Recognizing ‘well-being in citizenship behaviours’ metaphorically in the two Ronnies’ sitcom

Excited being introduced to ‘blogging’ at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, in one of my first year Ph.D (I) program subjects on research dissemination, this is my first attempt to showcase my research interest across the globe for … Continue reading

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