its on the importance and effectiveness of mindfulness at work

This paper is an US based paper on the effectiveness of mindfulness at work. The other day I looked at a 2013 report by WorkSafe Australia and found similar grounds to work related stress. A similar initiative taken by the federal or state-level Governments in Australia could bring long term solutions and risk mitigations to reported costs of over 14 billion a year to the Australian economy per year and an approximate over 10 billion annual direct costs to Australian employers! This is by the way taking into account 30% of those who claimed worker’s compensation due to work-related stress; apparently the other bulk of 70% have reported work related stress but have not claimed compensation! Imagine if they did! Call on Mindfulness practices at work I would say!

But would it work in India?…Maybe not in most parts where ‘any’ job is much coveted… and ‘work’ is a ‘magic wand’ that gets food in the stomach (sorry no ‘tables’ in most cases!) if not a roof overhead(I am suggesting for a rough estimated 80% population)! Or are people in the East more happy anyway because they can naturally ‘let go’ of an incessant barrage of everyday crises and of any dimensions? After all the new buzz measure of national happiness or the GNHI – ‘gross national happiness index’ reported in one study (can not recall off the cuff…ask Mr. Google!!!) is higher in the slums of Calcutta than many tinsel towns in the world! Certainly in political ‘wisdom’ makes sense to measure ‘happiness’ in lieu of repeatedly shameful red mark economic ‘gross national profit index’…  I think it is a fantastic political move, don’t you? Spot lights on ‘happiness’ please!

Good for some of ‘us’ happiness-researchers too! Gives ‘us’ something to do from ‘privileged’ happy places like Sydney! With a bit of honesty, who really cares about the topic-practicality and applicability in India? As long as happy places get more happier and can fund research to ‘order more’!

I say, lets get our dissertations done mindfully and similarly think how to publish! Oh, let us not forget to mindfully focus on your ‘here-and-now selfishness’ please!

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